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This option is available only in the .

"Allow Configuration Using Local File" option deactivated

This setting causes the server-side settings to have the highest priority regarding the add-in's configuration. When the add-in contacts the server, all options from the Configuration File "CS4OutlookAdminConfig.xml" that are not set to "editable" will be replaced by the values defined in the server configuration.

Options that are set to "editable" can be changed locally. They are only overwritten by server settings once on first contact with the server. After that the settings can be changed via the Settings Dialog in the Outlook Add-In or by modifying the Configuration File CS4OutlookAdminConfig.xml.

Learn more about Server-Side Configuration.

"Allow Configuration Using Local File" option activated 

When this option is activated the server settings are ignored when contacting the server. The local settings are not overwritten and remain the same, even if they differ from the server settings.

All options of the Cryptshare for Outlook add-in can be changed locally. Either via the Settings Dialog in the Outlook Add-In or through the administrator by modifying the Configuration File CS4OutlookAdminConfig.xml on the respective system.

Settings can be hidden from the user interface by configuration of the Configuration File CS4OutlookAdminConfig.xml.

Thus Administrators have the option to configure each client individually without giving the user a possibility to change settings via the user interface.