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Cryptshare supports several add-on modules which give access to the Cryptshare Service Interface. This interface allows transferring files via the Cryptshare Server. These add-on products make use of one of two possible verification modes, the sender or the client verification mode. If the client verification mode is used, a Client ID is generated by the add-on product and needs to be registered here together with a description. In sender verification mode, each sender needs to be verified individually by the add-on product and no activity is required in the Cryptshare Admin Interface. Details about the verification process can be found in the manuals of the corresponding add-on product.

Cryptshare for Outlook Settings
For Cryptshare for Outlook you can make a number of settings influencing the behavior of the Outlook Add-In. A detailed description of these settings and their behavior can be found in the section Add-In Settings in the Cryptshare for Outlook documentation.

Reuse of Verifications

There are 2 verification modes available for Cryptshare:

  • Client verification mode
  • Sender verification mode

The change between the verification modes can be done in the admin interface on "Addon products" page for the corresponding licensed products. Until Cryptshare version 4.5.0 it was not possible to keep existing verifications when switching the verification mode from client to sender verification mode or removing a clientID from the list of whitelisted clients. This means after switching the mode all mail addresses which used the client needed to request a new verification. From Cryptshare version 4.5.0 on client and sender verifications can be used interchangeable. This means when switching from client verification mode to sender verification mode the existing verifications can be reused, so requesting new verification is no longer necessary. This only works, when the administrator is choosing the option to keep existing client verifications belonging to this client on change. The newly available functionality is only working for addon product versions which support this feature.  For older version this feature is not available and keeping the verifications after changing the verification mode does not work. It is still necessary to request a new verification again. In the table below there is an overview from which product version on, the reuse of verification feature is working

Addon product Version Reuse of verifications supported
Cryptshare for Notes \-
Cryptshare for Office 365 & Outlook \-
Cryptshare Robot  \-
Java API \-
.Net API 5