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The Cryptshare Server offers WSDL Interfaces for the following Addon-Products:

General Notes

The Cryptshare Server as well as the APIs return specific error codes when a problem occurs. As a developer, you can use these error codes to help determine the cause of the error and to show a user friendly feedback message. The error code is contained in the exception object and can be retrieved using the getCode() method. The exception's getMessage() method returns the generic error message.

Cryptshare Server Error Codes

The following table lists the error codes and generic message texts that are returned by the Cryptshare Server.

Error Code Generic Error Message Beschreibung
10 The requesting product is not licensed: xyz -
30 Wrong use of the Cryptshare service. The request cannot be handled. -
40 The request is invalid. The following parameter is missing: xyz -
41 The given data is not valid: xyz Due to specific server or policy settings the request with the given data is not allowed to be performed.
42 Rate limit exceeded. -
60 This client/sender is not verified yet. The requested operation is only allowed for verified clients. -
70 Verification is not enabled for QUICK! -
71 A QUICK personal key already exists - QUICK activation required. -
72 There is no pending activation There is no pending QUICK activation for the user
73 The given activation code is not valid. The QUICK activation code is not correct for the user
220 The requesting WSDL Client is not authorized to use this service. Permission denied! -
230 The Cryptshare Server reported an error. Please refer to the Cryptshare Server logs for more details. -
240 The Cryptshare Server was unable to send/load the requested e-mail. An error occurred. Please refer to the Cryptshare Server log files for more details. -
250 The specified session could not be found. The request is invalid: xyz -
260 A file processing error occurred: xyz -
5000 An unspecified failure occurred The cause for this error could not be determined. The Cryptshare Server logs should be checked.

Java API Error Codes

The following error codes and generic error messages are returned by the Java API.

Error Code Beschreibung
170 Acces to the client store failed

Cryptshare for Notes Error Codes

The following table lists the error codes and generic message texts that are returned by the Cryptshare for Notes.

Error Code Generic Error Message
1 Connection Timed Out (Cryptshare Server is not available)
10 licence error
20 no action defined
30 unknown function call / request
40 missing parameters Cryptshare server
41 Invalid parameter: recipients
45 missing parameters Cryptshare Robot API
50 unknown language
60 incorrect verification
70 unauthorized data according to policy (unauthorized combination of sender and recipient)
80 error during pre-processing (virus scanner may have detected a problem)
90 The given password did not pass the security check.
110 Client not verified
120 Sender not verified
130 HTTP-Error
135 SSL-Error – faulty SSL certificate or certificate configuration
140 error in Cryptshare server response
150 error in Cryptshare server response
160 error in Cryptshare server response
170 invalid key in client.store file
180 maximum file upload size exceeded
190 insufficient storage for file uploads on Cryptshare server
1000 unassigned error
5000 HTTP Request could not be executed