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General Information about QUICK
Please find general information about QUICK in the chapter 'Introduction to QUICK' of the Cryptshare manual.
General Information about QUICK Activation
Please find general information about QUICK activation in chapter 'Activating QUICK Access' of the Cryptshare manual.


The section 'Activate QUICK Access' only concerns the activation option 'Administrative Activation'. It allows an administrator to generate activation codes for users who have selected and initiated this activation option.


User Side

  1. The user starts working with a client. During his work, the system detects that QUICK credentials are missing.
  2. The system offers the activation option screen to the user.


  1. The user selects the option 'Administrative Activation'.


  1. The system shows the user a screen with instructions that have been setup by the administrator in section 'Activation Settings'.


  1. The user follows the instructions. During the process, the administrator is contacted.
  2. The user retrieves an alphanumeric activation code from an administrator.
  3. The user enters the code in the input field of the activation screen.

→ The process is finished. The user can continue to use QUICK.

Administrator Side

  1. A user contacts the administrator requesting an activation code for his email address.
  2. The administrator opens the administration interface: Security ModesQUICK → Activate QUICK Access.

14 QUICK-Zugang-aktivieren 1 EN.png

  1. The administrator enters the email address of the user and clicks on 'Create Codes'. Multiple addresses can be specified.

14 QUICK-Zugang-aktivieren 2 EN.png

  1. A confirmation dialogue pops up. The administrator is requested to enter his password.

14 QUICK-Zugang-aktivieren 3 EN.png

  1. The administrator confirms by entering his password and clicking on 'Confirm'.
  2. The view shows a table listing all entered addresses with their corresponding activation codes.

14 QUICK-Zugang-aktivieren 4 EN.png

Codes not persistently available
Please note, that the page for the activation code creation does not persistently keep the codes available. When leaving the page and re-visiting it again, these codes will not be displayed again . Therefore it is recommended to instantly provide the codes to the users or to copy them in order to provide them later.
  1. The administrator provides the code to the user who requested it.

→ The user now can continue with the activation process on his side and finish the activation.