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About Support

During the term of your licence our support is available on weekdays Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 17:00 CET for product-related issues or questions. Please note that we can only offer our assistance for questions related to the product.

Contact Support

To provide you with the best help we first need some system information from you. This includes information about the operating system, the hardware equipment, the software environment, the system log etc. This information can be automatically created and sent to our support in an encrypted format. Alternatively you can download this information for reviewing it or sending it to us using a different way. Please proceed as follows:

You want to conclude a contract data processing agreement with us? A template for this is linked in the section "Support" of the admin interface.
Contact Details
Please don't forget to add your contact details (name, telephone, email address) into the respective input fields.
Additional Hint for Cryptshare Server Version 3.12
In previous Cryptshare Server versions this support package was sent as an email containing an encrypted attachment. With v3.12 this has changed and the support package is now provided as regular Cryptshare Transfer. This offers the advantage that the delivery of the package is no longer influenced by file-size limitations of email servers.

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The email address for our support is support@cryptshare.com. On receipt of your message you will receive an automated acknowledgement message. Our support team will then get in contact with you. You can reach us by phone during the period mentioned above using the phone number: +49 761 389 13 100.