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If you would like to use the additional language packages provided by us, please download the language packages here. For installing language packages please proceed as follows:

  • Open the Cryptshare Administration Interface
    • `http://<Cryptshare URL>:9090` or `https://<Cryptshare URL>:8080`
    • Login to the Administration Interface
      • Default username: '`Administrator`'
      • Default password: '`cryptshare`'
  • Select the tab 'Customization' then 'Languages'
  • Click 'Browse' and upload the language package you want to add
  • A message dialogue appears asking whether you want to overwrite existing older versions of that package
    • Click 'Yes' to install the package
    • Click 'No' otherwise
  • Server-packages only:
    • An additional message box pops up asking whether the server shall be restarted.
Note, that the restart is only required if you want to see the new localization details in your current browser session. Users approaching within a new browser session will see the new localization ressources instantly.
  • After the package has been installed, it will be listed below.