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Settings and Conflict Solutions

This table shows which settings are policy dependent and which are not. If the default setting of a policy dependent setting is changed, the setting in the policies is not changed and needs to be changed manually or the policy needs to be reset to the default. This can be done on the policy settings page. The conflict solution for some of these settings can be set in Policy Conflict Solution.

Setting Page Name Setting is policy depending Conflict Solution can be changed in the AI
Connection Settings Error.svg Error.svg
Mail Server Settings Sender Address Check.svg Check.svg
Sender Name Check.svg Check.svg
SMTP Settings Error.svg Error.svg
System Notifications Error.svg Error.svg
Verification Error.svg Error.svg
Transfer Settings Maximum Size per Transfer Check.svg Check.svg
Retention Period Check.svg Check.svg
Retention Folder Error.svg Error.svg
Create Checksums for Transferfiles Error.svg Error.svg
LDAP Settings Error.svg Error.svg
Download Security Download Protection Mode Check.svg Check.svg
Maximum attempts Error.svg Error.svg
Locking period Error.svg Error.svg
Password Policy Password Modi Check.svg Error.svg
QUICK Settings Check.svg Error.svg
Security Requirements for passwords Error.svg Error.svg
Log Settings Automated deletion of expired log entries Error.svg Error.svg
Log Messages and Subjects Check.svg Check.svg
Log Filenames Check.svg Check.svg
Log Zip Content Check.svg Check.svg
Automated deletion of expired log entries Error.svg Error.svg
Sending log data to the administrator Error.svg Error.svg
System Log Error.svg Error.svg
Pre-Processing Pre-Processing Command Check.svg Error.svg
File Size Limit for Pre-Processing Check.svg Error.svg
Email Notification for Failed Pre-Processing Check.svg Error.svg
Messaging Settings Allowing Confidential Messages Check.svg Check.svg
Force Users to Write a Confidential Message Check.svg Check.svg
Allowing to Edit Recipient Notifications Check.svg Check.svg
Show File Names in Transfers Check.svg Check.svg
Allow Users to Modify the "Show File Names" Option Check.svg Check.svg
Download Notification on File Retrieval Check.svg Check.svg
Allow Users to Modify the "Download Notification" Option Check.svg Check.svg
Show Zip Contents Check.svg Check.svg
Subject Labels Check.svg Check.svg
Email Signatures Check.svg Check.svg
Activate Archiving Feature Check.svg Check.svg
File type filter Check.svg Check.svg