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This page shows general statistics about the the way Cryptshare is being used.


By default the statistics period includes the last 30 days.

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Active/Passive Members

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When a user's email is within a licensed domain and has been used both for sending and receiving a Cryptshare transfer, they count as an active member only.


An user can be a sender or a recipient of a Cryptshare transfer. When an users email is within the license they are counted as member. 06 Statistik 3 EN.png


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Transfer volume

Inbound: Sum of transfer total file sizes where the sender's email address is not in the licensed domain(s). Outbound/Internal: Sum of transfer total file sizes where the sender's email address is in the licensed domain(s).

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Send statistics

When set the first administrator email in the System Notifications is used. When no email is set, the default value is [[1]] The statistics that are sent contains the information in Telemetry->Which data is transferred? without the Cryptshare Server version and the administrator email addresses. 06 Statistik 6 EN.png