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Password Modes

For sending a transfer with a one-time password there are 3 different password modes available:

No Password

This option allows your users to send a transfer without having to deal with a password. Cryptshare still generates a secure password in the background and uses it to encrypt the transfer. But the password will be sent to the recipient in plain text as part of the download link in the notification email. So security is significantly lower. Anybody who gets access to the notification email in transit or in the recipient's mailbox will have access to the files without first having to contact the sender for a password. The level of encryption and protection on the Cryptshare Server is identical to transfers with auto-generated or manually created passwords.

Enter Password

This option allows the user to set a password manually. You can specify how secure the password has to be by defining which characteristics the password needs to fulfil.

Generate Password

This option will generate a secure password fulfilling all the requirements that you have set. The password will be shown to the user who can then copy it to the clipboard.