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In the overview section all information about this Cryptshare Server can be found. The following table shows an overview of the existing sections.

General Server Information General Server Information such as Operating System and System Architecture etc.
Update Information Information whether an update is available for this Cryptshare Version or not
Licence Information If a licence is installed, this section shows licence details, such as licenced products, expiration and subscription dates.
Disk Space
  • Shows how much hard disk space is left for transfers ready for retrieval
  • Shows how much temporary hard disk space is left for file transfers in the upload process

(Temporary Disk Space)

Java Runtime Environment Contains all information about the Java Version Cryptshare is running on. The information consists of the Java Version, Home Path, Temporary Folder and the Java Classpath.


This section provides the possibility to either send a Support Package to any email address or to directly download the Support Package. The Support Package contains all information that Cryptshare Support needs to quickly analyse the issue you may be experiencing with your Cryptshare System. It consists of the following information:

  • A CSV file containing all system information for this Cryptshare installation
  • The installed Cryptshare licence
  • All system logs

Transfer data as well as logging data concerning transfer activity on your system are not part of the Support Package. You can download and open the Support Package to see the contents.

Send system information to the vendor

If you need support for your Cryptshare installation you can easily send a support package to any email address you desire. The Support Package will be sent via email in an encrypted format and contains all system information that might be relevant for solving the issue. You can use the field “Message to the support team” to describe the issue.

Download system information

When downloading the system information, the Support Package will not be encrypted so it is a regular zip file and can be opened using a regular zip tool.


About Statistics

This are shows basic information about the use of the Cryptshare Server. All values are valid for the time period that can be selected in the upper part of the screen. Which transfers are shown in statistics? Icon For technical reasons, the figures show transfers having expired in the time period selected, not having been initiated in the time period selected.

Total Number of Users

This section shows the total number of users who are or are not members of licenced domains. Every email address is counted uniquely as a user if it has been used for sending or receiving transfers during the specified period.


Situation Result
The licence key is issued for the domain xyz.com. The sender [[1]] sends a transfer with a total size of 300 MB to four external recipients. A total of five users is being counted, one as “member” and four as “not members” of the licenced domain(s).
One of the external communication partners responds to [[2]] and sends a 20 MB file back to him. No additional users will be counted as [[3]] as well as the external sender have been counted already.

Number of transfers

This section shows the number of transfers initiated by senders who are or are not members of the licenced domain(s). For this figure it does not matter how many files have been part of a transfer or if a transfer has been addressed to one or many people. The example from above would result in one transfer being counted for members (the transfer initiated by [[4]]) and one transfer being counted for non-members (the response).

Total transfer volume per direction

This section shows the total transfer volume per transport direction. For this statistic it does not matter if a transfer has been addressed to one or many recipients. The total volume of the transfer is only counted once. As transfers initiated by members of the licenced domain(s) can contain internal and external recipients as part of the distribution list it is not possible to differentiate the volume of outbound and internal transfers. The example from above would result in 20 MB inbound traffic and 300 MB outbound/internal traffic being recorded in the statistic.