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About Scheduled Tasks

This section provides information about all background services running in Cryptshare. The execution time of each service can be changed. Tasks that have specific settings besides the execution time will be configured in its respective section within the Administration Interface. Please refer to the respective chapter for further details:

Task name


Further configuration required

Backup Backup x
Cleanup Retention Period (Default Setting)
Notification Multiple Sections x
Update Performing Update x
UpdateCheck Update Check Task

Scheduling Cleanup and Backup Task
As the cleanup task also performs several database operations, it is recommended to schedule the backup task before the cleanup task. Depending on how long the backup task is running, the cleanup task will be delayed as both tasks will not be executed in parallel.

Rescheduling/Cancelling a running task

Tasks can be rescheduled in order to set a different execution time for the respective task.

Cancelling tasks
A task which is currently active can be cancelled by re-setting the schedule of a task. Currently running operations will then be interrupted. It is not necessary to set a different execution time in order to achieve cancelling of the task.

Cleanup Task

The cleanup task is responsible for several cleanup operations such as cleaning up expired transfers. Below is a list of the operations performed by this task:

  • Deletion of expired transfer files
  • Notifying senders about the download status of an expired transfer
  • Archiving of expired transfer log entries
  • Deletion of expired verifications
  • Deletion of orphaned files in the temporary upload directory
  • Deletion of orphaned files in the upload directory
  • Deletion of old backups according to what has been configured in the backup-cleanup settings.
  • Deletion of archived files in case files have been marked with the archived-suffix.
  • Additional cleanup operations on database records.

Backup Task

The backup task will perform a backup depending on what settings have been made in the Backup section.

Please read the documentation regarding backup settings carefully as certain settings will put the system on hold for some time.
If the database backup is enabled, and the cleanup task is currently running, the backup task will wait for the cleanup task to finish its operations 60 minutes at maximum. This value can be changed by setting the respective timeout within the Cryptshare System Settings.

Notification Task

The notification task is executed once per hour and sends email notifications informing about the following:

  • Log Export: An email notification sent to the administrator containing the transfer log. The covered period as well as the interval of this notification can be customized in the section for administering the log settings.
  • Errors during archiving: An email notification is sent to the administrator containing a summary of transfers where archiving ran into an error.
  • Licence Expiration: An email notification sent to the administrator when the Cryptshare Licence is about to expire. The interval and the time when this notification shall be sent can be configured in the licence section.
  • Disk Space Monitoring: An email is sent to the administrator if the disk space has fallen under at least one of the configured thresholds.