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Term Explanation
(Java) Keystore An SSL certificate store that can contain private, public or trust certificates (e.g. VeriSign). The term 'keystore' is a common term in the Java world for SSL certificate stores.
TrustStore This is a certificate store that only contains trust certificates of official certificate providers such as VeriSign.

The TrustStore is typically located in the subdirectory 'lib/security' of the Java Runtime Environment, is named 'cacerts' and uses the password 'changeit'.

Cryptshare Keystore This is where the SSL certificate is located that is used for all Cryptshare web pages. By default it is secured with the password 'CA0AZhuFM4NogQh' and is located in the subdirectory 'lib/security' in the Cryptshare installation directory. The file name is 'keystore'.
Keystore Password This is the password used to secure a Java Keystore.

For the Java TrustStore the default password is "changeit". For the Cryptshare Keystore the default password is 'CA0AZhuFM4NogQh'.

Certificate Password The password that is used to secure a single certificate within the Keystore. For Cryptshare the Password is 'CA0AZhuFM4NogQh'.
SSL Cipher Suite A Cipher Suite is a named combination of algorithms used for negotiating security settings between client and server when establishing an SSL/TLS connection.
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) A cryptographic protocol used to secure Internet communication.
TLS (Transport Layer Security) A cryptographic protocol used to secure Internet communication (SSL successor).
JRE The Java Runtime Environment is required for the execution of Java processes.
BOM A specialized character called 'Byte Order Mark' to mark a specific type of UTF-8 files.
SSH Secure Shell names a network protocol used for establishing a secure connection to another host computer. The protocol is mostly found within Linux environments and is mainly used to provide a command line interface for the target system.
Velocity Context Refers to the Apache Velocity Template Engine, which is used in several areas of Cryptshare in order to allow customization of email templates or archiving meta-information.

The Velocity Context contains accessors for certain data fields available for a Velocity template. For instance an administrator can decide to include the information which email address was used by the sender when archiving meta-information is written.

Transfer-ID or Meta-ID This id identifies a Cryptshare Transfer for a specific recipient. For each recipient in a transfer there is a unique meta-id. This id is the one which must be given when retrieving a transfer.
Tracking-ID This is a unique ID for a Cryptshare Transfer and equal for each recipient of a Transfer.