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Opening the Administration Interface

By default the Administration Interface is set up on a different ports to improve security through a specialized firewall configuration. We recommend to disable these ports for external access or to limit access only to administrators with special permissions. By default the Administration Interface can be accessed via https on port 8080 or via http on port 9090. For instance:

Administration Interface on HTTPS

Administration Interface on HTTP


Default Login

Upon first installation of a Cryptshare Server only the user 'Administrator' can login to the system. Additional users can be added in the section 'User Administration'.

Default Login
Please note, that both, the user name as well as the password are case-sensitive.

Default User: Administrator

Default Password: cryptshare
For security reasons administrators will have to change the default password after logging in for the first time.

Reset Functions

Some sections in the Administration Interface allow resetting the settings to default values. That way misconfigurations or database errors can be fixed. Sections which offer this feature have a reset button next to the section header: At present this feature is available for the following sections:

03 Allgemeines EN.png
Please note that the reset is only applied after having clicked on the "Save" button at the end of the page.