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System Notifications

Cryptshare can send notifications to administrators in case of warnings or pending updates. In this section you can add the email addresses of the administrators which shall be notified in such a case. On Cryptshare Appliances a number of automated system notifications are sent, like OS patch notifications. More information about the configuration and details about the notifications, as well as general information about the appliance scripts can be found here. When saving these settings on a Cryptshare Appliance you will be prompted to restart the Cryptshare Server. During the next startup, notifications for OS Updates and Patches for Cryptshare Appliances will be configured to be sent to these addresses.

Disk Space Monitoring

Since v3.12 of the Cryptshare Server a new disk space monitoring has been introduced. It allows the configuration of different thresholds for different target directories. You can adjust the paths to be monitored in the Administration Interface > System Settings > System Notifications. By default 4 thresholds are pre-configured.

If disk space falls beneath one of the active specified thresholds, the administrator will be notified via email about this. Active thresholds will also show their current status in the overview section of the administration interface.

Note, that this is only for monitoring the disk space. There is also an automated cleanup procedure for old backups.