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Purpose of the communication via Cryptshare

For the secure electronic exchange of information with third parties, in particular with their business partners, the COMPANY uses the web application Cryptshare. The Cryptshare web application is not an email programme. The application simply takes over the function of an electronic mail account. The senders provide their information on the system for retrieval. The recipients are informed by the server via email about the files ready for them to retrieve.

Restricting the content of the communication

The communication via Cryptshare exclusively serves the purpose of exchanging confidential information. Information regarded as confidential in the sense of this regulation include information:

  • that are the subject of trade secrets of the COMPANY
  • that are subject to occupational and commercial secrecy of third parties
  • that are personal data in the context of the General Data Protection Act considered worth protecting.

The COMPANY does not accept any legal transaction statements or contracts via Cryptshare without prior agreement.

Confidentiality and Data Security

To protect data from unauthorised attention and to ensure confidentiality: ► Storage of data on the Cryptshare system and the transfer of data (transfer when providing and retrieving data) is carried out encrypted. ► Access to each file put on the Cryptshare server is protected by an individual password. The method that is used for the encryption corresponds to the recognised highest technical standards. When retrieving the files, they are not immediately erased from the Cryptshare system, but they remain there until the scheduled expiry date for further retrievals (figure 4 Arrival/Delivery of information / timely data retrieval). As of DATE – COMPANY The addressee / user must make sure that the delivered password is not accessible by unauthorised persons.

Delivery of Information and Timely Data Retrieval

Files transferred to Cryptshare are regarded as delivered to the addressee after successful retrieval (download). It is the addressee‘s responsibility to make sure to retrieve the files provided for him in time. The COMPANY points out that the files provided via Cryptshare can only be retrieved for 10 calendar days. The retrieval period starts once the files are available on the Cryptshare server.


The following operations are logged as part of the communication (data exchange):


  • Date and time when files are stored on the Cryptshare system
  • Email address of the sender and the receiver
  • The complete file name of the stored file
  • The file size in megabyte
  • An internally automatically assigned file identification (for authentication of files)

Receiver: (by their email address)

  • Date and time when files are stored on the Cryptshare system
  • The complete file name of the retrieved file
  • The file identification automatically assigned by the system to the file storage
  • This logged data is deleted at the earliest after 91 days and no later than 120 days.


The COMPANY assumes no liability whatsoever for disturbances or problems with the communication via Cryptshare which lie outside their area of responsibility. In addition, the liability of the COMPANY for interference / communication problems, insofar as it does not concern the violation of life, body or health, is limited to intent and gross negligence.

Changes concerning the communication via Cryptshare

The COMPANY is not obliged to maintain the communication capability via Cryptshare. Changes due to changes in legal, technical or other general conditions are possible at any time.

Customers of the COMPANY

The data transfer can be used to the same extent for the customers of the COMPANY. The customer simply goes to https://cryptshare.customer-example.com, uploads his files and enters his co-workers email address. Thanks to this added value, larger amounts of data can be sent by customers of the COMPANY in a secure way.