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Release Date: 29.08.2023

Important Update Notes

Language Packages

Due to structural changes in the language packages, all supported server language packages will be updated automatically, customized language packages will be removed during the update process (a backup is done before). If more language packages are needed, it is required to download and install them again.

In case your language packages have been modified, the attached delta-file delta_english_lp_5.7.3_to_6.0.0.txt can help you to locate the changes in this update and re-apply the modifications. The structure of this file is explained in Language Pack Changes.

Changes in this version

Cryptshare REST API

Cryptshare now offers the Cryptshare REST API, which can be used to send Cryptshare transfers in automated processes.

For possible uses that can be covered by the Cryptshare REST API and contact information, please visit our landing page.

For technical documentation of the Cryptshare REST API, which can be used by software developers, please visit the dedicated documentation area.

Update of the Jetty web server to version 10

The Jetty web server used by Cryptshare has been updated to version 10. If you have made changes to the configuration files ('ui-config.xml and ai-config.xml), please check whether the automatic update of the configuration files has run correctly and adjust them manually if necessary.

If you activated the function Server Name Indication (SNI), the manual re-activation of this function is now required.

For more information on configuration, see the article Web Server Configuration.

Distribution upgrade for Cryptshare Appliances: openSUSE 15.4 to 15.5

This Cryptshare version allows an upgrade of the underlying operating system. After the update to Cryptshare version 6.0.0 is complete, the Cryptshare administration interface provides the option to start the upgrade process.

Please note that distribution upgrades are only available for Cryptshare Appliances
Read the distribution upgrade manual before performing an upgrade
A distribution upgrade will result in significant changes to the underlying operating system. It is strongly recommended that you read the documentation before starting the upgrade: Distribution Upgrade

Additional Changes

  • In the administration interface, the menu items under System Settings have been renamed to allow an easier overview of the various settings.
  • Resolved an issue that caused images in the imprint text not to be displayed in the administration interface.
  • Resolved an issue that caused images in confidential messages and in the content viewer not to be displayed correctly.
  • Resolved an issue that caused file sizes of uploaded files not to be validated correctly.
  • Several included third-party components have been updated.