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Retention Folder

All Cryptshare transfers are stored In the retention folder. When setting up a new retention folder, Cryptshare will try to create this directory so it has proper permissions to write new files. Nevertheless it is likely that you have to create the directory yourself as Cryptshare runs within a user account that has only restricted permissions to the system.

Required Folder Permissions
Please make sure that the retention folder is set up with write permissions for the user Cryptshare is running under. The user is shown in the section Overview in System Status.
Please note the article Security Audit.

Maximum Size per Transfer (Default Setting)

This setting sets the default value for the maximum transfer size the Cryptshare Server will accept for a single transfer. It is determined by the sum of the sizes of all files attached to one transfer. So if you set the limit to 2.000 MB, you could for example upload one file with 2.000MB or up to 10 files with 200 MB at a time.

This setting is a default setting for new policy rules. For setting up the effective maximum transfer size please refer to Policy Settings.

Retention Period (Default Setting)

The retention period sets the default value for how long Cryptshare transfers will be available on the system.The maximum adjustable retention period is 365 days. Expired transfers are deleted from the Cryptshare Server by the Cleanup Task (see Scheduled Tasks).

This setting is a default setting for new policy rules.For setting up the effective retention period please refer to Policy Settings.

Create Checksums for Transfer Files

The checkbox "Create checksums for transfer files" enables/disables the creation of hashsums for the attached files of transfers globally. Activating this setting has the following effects:

  • A recipient of a transfer is able to download the checksums file containing the checksum and the used checksum algorithm for every file of transfer.
  • The hash and the used checksum algorithm are available as meta information for archiving (see Meta Data Configuration).
This setting is activated by default.

Activate Embedded Attachment Download

The checkbox "Activate embedded attachment download" enables/disables the possibility to download the confidential message of the transfer along with the transfer files attached to it. When enabled it is offered to the user as the main download option, replacing the zip download when a transfer contains a confidential message and at least one regular transfer file. The zip download is still available under the further download options. When the setting is enabled, a size threshold for the attachments can be set.

This setting is activated by default for new installations.

Maximum Total Attachment Size

Defines a maximum total attachment size for files, that are attached to the confidential message. When a file exceeds the total size, it is not added to the confidential message. The order the files are attached follows the same pattern as for 'Activating the Archiving Feature'.

So if you set the maximum total attachment size to 2.000 MB, the downloaded confidential message can contain an attached file with 2.000 MB or 10 attached files with 200 MB at a time.

If the maximum total attachment size is exceeded, a warning message is shown:

08 Transfereinstellungen EN.png