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About Update

This section provides options to check for new updates and to instantly install available Cryptshare updates.

Update Details

If an update is available this section will show a list of changes/features/bug-fixes that apply to the new version.

Update Instructions

In case the updates requires manual intervention before or after the update, you will see corresponding advice in this section.

Please read the updates instructions carefully to prevent errors to occur in the update procedure. Please also check if there is a update guide available for the corresponding update.

Update Check Task

The update check task will check for updates on a daily basis and notify all administrators via email if an update is available.

The notification will explicitly inform the administrator whether the update can be performed unattended or if he has to trigger it manually because administrative attention is required before or after the update. You can change the time when this task will be executed in the Task Handler Section: 'Scheduled Tasks'

Performing Updates

Cryptshare is capable to install updates as soon as they are available. Updates marked as 'manual' update cannot be installed fully automated and have to be triggered by the administrator in person. To perform an update manually, click the button “Perform update now”.

Please note that the server will re-start after the update is applied. Allow up to several minutes for the re-start to take place.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates can be enabled to automatically install updates that do not require manual steps. The time when an update will be installed by the update task can be changed within the task handler settings: 'Scheduled Tasks'. This mechanism will only install updates after the administrators have received a notification mail for the pending automatic update.

Update Mechanics Explained

  1. Update Path Selection: The system automatically detects the optimal route for updates. If the latest version requires manual steps, the update process will pause and notify the user. For automated environments, it selects the highest version that allows for an unattended update.
  2. Update Execution: During the update process, Cryptshare handles transitions to ensure continuity. If an update fails, the system automatically reverts to the previous stable version to maintain operational stability.
  3. Notifications and Feedback: Administrators receive notifications about the update status. Alerts are provided for manual interventions and confirmations of successful updates. Notifications about non-critical issues are displayed only to administrators, ensuring they are informed of all pertinent details.
  4. Restoration and Recovery: The system includes safeguards for automatic recoveries and can restore previous configurations if updates affect critical system components.