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Release Date: 13.02.2024

Important Update Notes

Language Packages

Due to structural changes in the language packages, all supported server language packages will be updated automatically, customized language packages will be removed during the update process (a backup is done before). If more language packages are needed, it is required to download and install them again.

In case your language packages have been modified, the attached delta-file delta_english_lp_6.1.0_to_6.2.0.txt can help you to locate the changes in this update and re-apply the modifications. The structure of this file is explained in Language Pack Changes.

Accessibility (WCAG 2.1 Conformance Level AA) of the Web App improved

  • The Cryptshare Web App now fulfils the WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) in conformance level AA by default.
  • The contrast of the standard colours of a new installation has been improved.
  • Long texts such as file names are now displayed in full.

Please note that custom changes to the advanced CSS or the choice of low-contrast colours (e.g. white text on a light blue button) can have a negative impact on accessibility.

Changes of CSS Selectors

In this version, some HTML structures have been revised due to the changes for accessibility. This can lead to incompatibilities in the case of individually implemented adjustments using the "advanced CSS" functionality. Before updating, please check in the menu item Customization-> Web Application Designer -> Advanced whether advanced CSS has been stored and check after the update whether all individually implemented adjustments are still effective.

Additional Changes

  • The creation of the automatically generated Open API documentation of the REST API has been adjusted.
  • The calculation of values on the statistics page has been accelerated.
  • The time required for the Cryptshare server to shut down has been reduced.
  • The Cryptshare product logo has been updated.
  • The Java runtime environment has been updated to version 17.0.10.
  • Several included third-party components have been updated.