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Release Date: 28.12.2021

Important Update Notes

Language Packages

Due to structural changes in the language packages, all supported server language packages will be updated automatically, customized language packages will be removed during the update process (a backup is done before). If more language packages are needed, it is required to download and install them again.

In case your language packages have been modified, the attached delta-file  delta_english_lp_5.0.0_to_5.1.0.txt can help you to locate the changes in this update and re-apply the modifications. The structure of this file is explained in Language Pack Changes.

Changes in this version

Restructured Language Packages

Language packages have been restructured in order to be better manageable:

  • The amount of single translation files has been reduced
  • For email templates technical content has been separated from translated content. All texts can now be managed through property files directly.

Changes to the structure of the language package

The structure of the language packages has been simplified with version 22. Instead of several properties files per directory, there is now one property file that replaces the directory. This file then contains all the properties of all the files that were previously in the directory.

The names of some files have been revised. For example, what was previously under "application" has been moved to "web-app.properties" and what was under "common" is now in "web-common.properties". In addition, a new file "system.properties" has been added. Certain properties that are not exclusively used by the user interface but also within the application (e.g. WSDL interface) have been moved here. Thus, there are only directories for the templates. All other properties are available directly via the respective file at the top level.

Directory structure of a Cryptshare Server language package (version 21 and older)

   │   administration
   │       Addon.properties
   │       ...
   │   application
   │       BasePage.properties
   │       ...
   │   common
   │       AbstractDropDown.properties
   │       ...
   │   mail
   │       mail.properties

Directory structure of the current Cryptshare Server language package (version 22 and newer)

   │   administration.properties
   │   mail.properties
   │   system.properties
   │   version.xml
   │   web-app.properties
   │   web-common.properties

Example Property old / new:

Name of property Version 21 Version 22
label.addon.clientID=Client ID Addon.properties in directory administration administration.properties
application.title=Cryptshare BasePage.properties in directory application web-app.properties
mail.heading.archivingFailed=Archiving Failed mail.properties in directory mail mail.properties

Changes to the structure of the templates

The templates have been revised in such a way that the HTML files only contain outline elements and property keys and all texts are in the respective "conf.properties". This means that when adapting the texts, only one file per template needs to be revised. Markdown can now be used in the texts.

Example downloadSummary message.html (old)

Message old html.png

Example downloadSummary message.html (new)

Message new html.png

The texts are now completely in the conf.properties:

Conf.properties download summary.png

In addition, functions are used in the HTML file to generate HTML from the text if it is written in Markdown.

Function Explanation
$render.eval(text) If the text itself contains variables, then this function is needed to replace the variables with the real values.
$esc.html(text) This function removes certain characters to prevent the resulting HTML from containing elements that an attacker can use to cause damage.
$md.toHtmlInline(text) Generates HTML from the Markdown text. This removes the enclosing paragraph and the last line break, if present.
$md.toHtml(text) Generates HTML from the Markdown text.

Additional Pre-Processing Capabilities

Example of pre-processing output
Example of pre-processing output
  • It is now possible to show additional pre-processing information to a sender of a transfer giving them better information about why files were excluded from a transfer. Please visit Output of the Pre-Processing Result for further information.
  • It is now possible to hand over additional transfer parameters to a pre-processing command such as the tracking ID of a transfer. Please visit Command and Additional Arguments for further information.

New Email Colour Scheme

The default colour scheme of the email templates has been updated to match with the colour scheme of the Cryptshare Web App and the Administration Interface.

Example of the old colour scheme
Example of the old colour scheme
Example of the new colour scheme
Example of the new colour scheme
Modified colour schemes will not be overwritten
The update process will not override adjustments made using the Web Application Designer.

Distribution Upgrade for Cryptshare Appliances: openSUSE 15.2 to 15.3

This Cryptshare version enables an upgrade of the underlying operating system. After the update to Cryptshare version 5.2.0 is finished, the Cryptshare Administration Interface will offer the possibility to initiate the upgrade process.

Please note that distribution upgrades are only available on Cryptshare Appliances
Hint on ReiserFS
Note that on some older Cryptshare Appliances this upgrade is not available, and a manual migration has to be performed instead. Affected systems are Cryptshare Appliances created before April 2011 which use ReiserFS for their root partition.
Read the distribution upgrade manual before upgrading
A distribution upgrade makes significant changes to the underlying operating system. It is strongly recommended that you read the documentation before starting the upgrade process: Distribution Upgrade

Additional Changes

  • A connection test button for checking on the correct Signicat credentials was added to the configuration section for the eID Feature.
  • Cryptshare Administrators now receive a notification email in case the automated backup fails.
  • The Java runtime library was updated to version 11.0.13.
  • Several third party libraries have been updated.
  • Resolved an issue where file names were shown in the download notification even though they were configured not to be shown.
  • Resolved an issue where the personal data removal feature did not remove email addresses.
  • Resolved an issue where monitored file paths that do not exist caused problems.
  • Resolved an issue where policies with an LDAP pattern for the recipients caused issues