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In order to limit the number of requests done per minute to prevent DoS attacks and negative effects on Cryptshare or affiliated systems, rate limiting for various actions was introduced. This allows only a limited number of requests per minute per action that can be set individually per action.


Requests using the WSDL interface that are under the effect of a rate limit have special response headers providing additional data when the rate limit is enabled.

Name Value Example Note
X-RateLimit-Limit Total number of requests for this action. `X-RateLimit-Limit: 60`
X-RateLimit-Remaining Number of remaining requests for this request. `X-RateLimit-Remaining: 10`
Retry-After Interval in seconds after which another request can be made `Retry-After: 60` Only set if the rate limit is exceeded for the current request

Rate limited requests

The following requests are affected by rate limiting, each one is configured using an individual property. How to configure properties, see Advanced Cryptshare Configuration (section Security Setting: Rate Limiting)