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About Download Security

These security settings apply to the download area in the User Interface.

Download Protection Mode

If somebody repeatedly attempts to download a certain transfer using incorrect authentication (such as a wrong password, or incorrect identification via ID provider), Cryptshare will react on this in the way you set up here. You can decide if Cryptshare should delete the transfer from the server or just deny the download of this transfer even with correct authentication for a certain time. Depending on your choice, additional options will be shown. Deleting the transfer will make it unavailable for download for all recipients. Locking the transfer will only deny the download for the recipient whose transfer ID has been used for the download attempt. Attempts to download a transfer with wrong authentication will be logged in the Cryptshare System log. Also, the sender and the administrator will be notified if Cryptshare had to react on an excessive number of false attempts.

Maximum attempts

If a user exceeds the defined number of attempts for providing the correct authentication, Cryptshare either deletes or locks the transfer for the specified period.

Locking period

If a user has tried to download a transfer package using incorrect authentication too often and you have set up Cryptshare to lock the download, you can define here for how long the transfer should be locked. After this period, the transfer will be available for download again.