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Sunsetted installation method
Not all settings can be covered through MSI parameters. Instead, we recommend following our Roll-Out guide..


It is possible install Cryptshare for Outlook using MSI parameters. This allows you to pre-configure the Cryptshare Server URL, proxy settings, and user-specific data. Similar to the Config Creator, the user-specific data can be automatically retrieved by the add-in if you set the relevant fields to an asterisk (*).

Available parameters

Parameters are passed in the following format: Key="subkey1=value;subkey2=value;..."

Key Sub key Data type Exemplary value Additional notes
account_1 smtp String *
url String https://cryptshare.example.com
firstname String *
lastname String *
tel String *
editable bool[4] false,true,true,true Controls whether the following settings are user-editable: url, firstname, lastname, tel
proxy type [none, system, defined] system
url String Only relevant for type=defined proxy type
port Number Only relevant for type=defined proxy type
editable bool[3] false,false,false Controls whether the following settings are user-editable: type, url, port


An exemplary installation may look as follows:

msiexec /i "Cryptshare for Outlook v2.12.0.1132.msi" /q account_1="smtp=*;url=https://cryptshare.example.com;firstname=*;lastname=*;tel=*;editable=false,true,true,true" proxy="type=system;editable=false,false,false"

This command would install Cryptshare for Outlook v2.12 with a non-editable server URL set to https://cryptshare.example.com. The first and last name, as well as the phone number of the user, are user-editable and inferred upon the first launch of the add-in. Additionally, the system proxy is permanently pre-set .