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If an incoming transfer includes files, Cryptshare for Outlook offers you the option to import these files to your inbox. However, files received via Cryptshare can be very large and could exceed size limits on the mail server side when your inbox is synchronized with the server.

Therefore a warning threshold can be defined for the import. If the total size of the files exceeds this warning threshold, you are asked whether you want to import the files into your Inbox or not. If not, they are stored on the hard drive of your workstation. The message then shows links to the relevant files and to the parent directory they are part of, so that the files can be quickly found and opened directly.

Valid values
- Set this value to any size between 0 MB and 10240 MB (=10 GB).
- If you set the value to 0, a warning will always be displayed when importing a file.
Disable warning
Set the warning threshold equal to the limit for import in order to prevent a warning.