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The update is only compatible with Cryptshare Server 5.2 and above.


  • Added a new "Make a wish" button to add new ideas to the Cryptshare Idea Portal so users can help improve the product.
  • The download manager now shows sender in the corresponding download item.
  • Adjusted Cryptshare Server & Cryptshare for Outlook email templates so that both are consistent.
  • Improved the UX in the settings menu. The settings will show a warning when disabling max. attachment size limit for sent files.
  • Improved the UX in the transfer dialogue. The security hint for the 'no password' mode will not be shown if 'no password' is the only available option.
  • Improved the support email template with automatic detection of currently used environment.
  • Classification descriptions are now applied to regular emails as well.
  • Updated the Cryptshare API to 5.1 to use its new features.

Additional Changes

  • Resolved an issue where umlauts are not displayed for the template "recipient" when rerouting is enabled.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented delegating a mail because of the case-sensitivity of the names.
  • Resolved an issue where when revoking a mail, the subject was displayed unencrypted.
  • Resolved multiple issues that prevented the correct rendering of HTML properties across all platforms.
  • Resolved an issue that shows a warning message in the transfer menu with QUICK.
  • Resolved an issue that prevents encryption of Office word file.
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes throws an exception when sending password via SMS.