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Manual deletion of single elements

You can delete single items from the Upload Manager individually by clicking on the Screenshot-164846534133320.png-symbol in the upper right corner of the element and confirming the confirmation prompt.

Cancelling Transfers
Deleting the upload item does not cancel the transfer and does not remove the files from the server. The transfer is still available for download to the recipients. To cancel the transfer, contact your system administrator.


Manual deletion of all elements

In addition to the possibility of deleting individual elements manually, it is also possible to remove all elements from the upload manager. The associated button can be found in the upper right corner of the Transfer-Manager in the form of a Screenshot-164846584762783.pngicon. Clicking this button and confirming the confirmation prompt removes all elements of the upload manager.


Automatic deletion

All elements are deleted automatically for the list after a defined retention time that can be specified in the settings.