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Important Update Notes

Language Package Version 20.1 required
This update requires language packs to operate correctly, denoted by version 20.1. You can download the language packages here.

New Features

  • Dark mode support
  • New and fresh Cryptshare Outlook Icons for better clarity and visibility in dark mode


  • Resolved an issue when try to Copy & Paste a password from the clipboard to the Transfer-Manager.
  • Resolved an issue when dealing with shared mailboxes. The native Outlook email sent from the shared mailbox is now directed to the default account's outbox.
  • Resolved an issue where the option "sent to" from the windows context menu with the PEC feature would not work as expected
  • Resolved an issue where Classification header remains although classification was changed.
  • Resolved a problem where pasted outlook elements where not recognized as attachments.
  • Resolved a problem when the "trust file" parameter has special characters in it.
  • Fixed a issue where the Message Ribbon was sporadically missing.
  • Fixed an issue when "SendOnBehalf" or "SendAs" where the SMTP address was not treated and identified correctly.

Dependency Updates

  • Updated Outlook Redemption to v6.4.