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General information about QUICK Technology
For general information about how QUICK Technology works and in order to get a better understanding of the terminology in use, please take a look at the article Introduction to QUICK.

The process of performing a transfer using QUICK is identical to how it is done in the Web Application: The sender has the possibility to secure the transfer with QUICK. When using QUICK for the first time with the any given recipient, a QUICK invitation needs to be performed with the help of a one-time-password. As soon as the recipient accepts the QUICK invitation, the current and all subsequent transfers can be retrieved by the recipient without the need of providing a password by themselves.

When each recipient of a transfer has previously accepted a QUICK invitation and is thus QUICK-established, the toggle will be enabled by default and the password control options will be hidden from the sender. Such a transfer is also referred to as a pure QUICK transfer.


The Upload Manager indicates whether or not QUICK has been enabled for any given transfer by displaying the QUICK icon next to the Upload Manager element.