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Important Update Notes

v2.12.0 is only compatible with Cryptshare Server 5.2 or newer.
New Language Package Version 20 required
This update requires new language packs to operate correctly, denoted by version 20. You can download the new language packages here.

New Features

  • Cancelling a Cryptshare transfer now offers a warning dialogue to save the transfer as a draft.
  • The transfer manager now shows the tracking ID for sent and received transfers.


  • Fixed an issue where attempting to create multiple transfers with classifications at the same time caused an exception.
  • Fixed an issue where cancelled transfers reported a misleading upload date.
  • Fixed an issue that rarely failed to add the classification information to received transfers.
  • Fixed an issue where outgoing transfer notifications would be malformatted.
  • Fixed an issue where the attachment manager occasionally remained blank.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cryptshare for Outlook installer would ignore legacy MSI installation parameters.
  • Fixed an issue which leads to an 'out of bound' exception when creating new Cryptshare transfer while another is still running.

Dependency Updates

  • Updated Outlook Redemption to v6.3.