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If files are being attached to a regular Outlook message and the total size of the files exceeds this limit, Cryptshare will be activated automatically.

Valid Values
- Set this value to any size between 0 MB and 10240 MB (=10 GB).
- If you set the value to "0", all messages with file attachments are always sent via Cryptshare.
- To disable the feature in the Configuration File CS4OutlookAdminConfig.xml, set the value to "-1".
Email size limit in MS Exchange
The auto-activation threshold has to be set to a lower value than the email size limit in MS Exchange. Otherwise, the following error message will be displayed when attaching larger files and Cryptshare for Outlook will not auto-activate. This error message cannot be suppressed by Cryptshare for Outlook. The default size limit for email attachments on the MS Exchange Server is 20 MB.