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When saving the confidential message of a downloaded transfer, the file name now includes the Tracking ID of the transfer. This prevents accidentally overwriting an existing confidential message that exists in the same location.

Additional Changes

  • Resolved an issue that caused email resolution problems with the "From" field in the email header.
  • Resolved an issue where drafts were deleted by mistake.
  • Resolved an issue where no files could be downloaded when some files of a transfer were removed during pre-processing, .
  • Resolved an issue where long filenames and -paths could lead to errors on some filesystems in the log.
  • Resolved an issue where an attached EML (except the confidential message) of a transfer could not be properly downloaded and was marked as confidential in the header.
  • Resolved an issue where transfer-files that exceed the import limit would lead to a trust-center warning. Added the configuration options "TrustLocalDirectories" and "TrustDownloadedFiles" in order to trust them automatically.
  • Resolved an issue where files attached to the EML were not downloaded with Cryptshare for Outlook when the transfer was sent with Cryptshare for Notes.