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Variable Function Type Unit Default Value
automaticVerificationTimespan Wait for Verification Mail  Integer Seconds 25
showPaperclipHint Show Usage Hint  Boolean - true
storePasswords Save Passwords Locally  Boolean - true
uiLanguagePreset Fall-Back Language for User Interface  String - en
recipientLanguagePreset Default Language for Recipient Notification  String - en
logLevel Log Level  Integer - 1
uploadHistoryGracePeriod Transfer History  Integer Days 14
keepIncomingAttachmentSizeMax Import incoming attachments smaller than (MB)  Integer MB 20
keepIncomingAttachmentSizePrompt Show warning when importing attachments larger than (MB)  Integer MB 10
keepOutgoingAttachmentSizeMax Keep Sent Attachments smaller than (MB)  Integer MB 20
keepOutgoingAttachmentSizePrompt Show warning when saving attachments larger than (MB)  Integer MB 10
allowSettingsFromPropertyFiles Allow Configuration Using Local File  Boolean - false
forceCryptshareAttachmentSizeMin Threshold for automatic activation (MB)  Integer MB 10 MB