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If your administrator has configured preprocessing of transfer data on the Cryptshare server and files were removed from the transfer, the pre-processing dialog will open listing the removed files. More information about preprocessing can be found here.

Transfer contains remaining files
Transfer does not contain files

The preprocessing dialog contains information about the files removed of the transfer, which may be due to the following reasons:

  • Preprocessing Preprocessing has detected a file with a threat pattern that has been removed from the transfer.
  • Archiving Preprocessing has detected a file that failed to archive correctly.
  • Other Preprocessing has another reason why the file was removed from the transfer.

You can then choose from the following three actions:

  1. Decide later Closes the dialog and the decision can be made later. You can also close the window by pressing 'X', which will also postpone the decision. (See below)
  2. Cancel transfer Cancels the transfer and does not send it to the recipient.
  3. Send remaining files The remaining files are sent in the transfer. The recipient receives the transfer with the remaining files.

If you have closed the dialog or pressed the Decide later button, you can call up the corresponding pre-processing dialog on the transfer again in the transfer manager by pressing the 'NOT ALL FILES PROVIDED' button.

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