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Add-in settings are the settings that define the add-in's behaviour during use. Cryptshare for Outlook offers the three following ways to manage the add-in settings:

  1. Central management of the settings via the Cryptshare server the add-in is connected to and uses to communicate. (Administrator's interface: "Additional Products" -> "Cryptshare for Outlook")
  2. Local management of the settings via XML file (Configuration File CS4OutlookAdminConfig.xml)
  3. Local management of the settings via user interface (Settings dialog, Tab "Add-In Settings")

Priority of Settings

In principle all add-in settings can have either of the following three statuses:

Permission Settings Consequences
Editable The user can see and edit the settings in his user interface.
Read-only The user can see the settings and their values but can't change them.
Invisible The user can neither edit nor see the values. The settings are hidden from the user interface.

The policies defining whether the settings are editable by the user or not can only be set up via the server interface or the Configuration File CS4OutlookAdminConfig.xml. The priorities between these two possibilities are controlled via the server option "Allow Configuration Using Local File".

In this tab you can customize the behaviour of your Cryptshare for Outlook add-in to your requirements. The options shown here can be pre-assigned by your administrator with different values. Some of these options may be marked by the administrator as non-editable or completely hidden. For an overview of all available settings please refer to "Add-In Settings".