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Adding Files

You have several options available to add files to a Cryptshare message. For user convenience you can use the familiar MS Outlook options for attaching files. The files then are attached directly to the Cryptshare sidebar when the Cryptshare mode is active. Furthermore the Cryptshare sidebar provides you with additional functions to attach files. The files you attach here may be larger than the size limit of MS Outlook for the regular e-mail delivery.

Attaching very large files
Some of the standard Outlook options to attach files are limited in terms of file size so you cannot attach larger files. In this case use one of the Cryptshare for Outlook alternatives described below.

Button "Add file".

When you click this button, a File Explorer dialog will open. Select one or several files.


Click on the sidebar

Click on an empty space on the Cryptshare Sidebar. A File Explorer dialog will open. Select one or several files.


Drag & Drop files to the Attachment Manager Sidebar

You can drag & drop one or more files to the Cryptshare for Outlook sidebar. These files will be attached to the message. The total size of the files may exceed the size limit for standard Outlook e-mail messages.


Drag & Drop folders to the Attachment Manager Sidebar

You can add entire folders, including files and subfolders by dragging them to the sidebar. Cryptshare for Outlook will suggest to create a ZIP archive in order to transfer the folder structure in its original form including all the files in that folder and subfolders. You have the option to give the zip file a name and start with creating the zip archive by clicking "Yes". By selecting the "No" option, all files saved in the folder structure are appended directly to the sidebar. The structure of the folders will be lost.

Size limit on 32bit systems
For technical reasons it is not possible on 32bit systems to add files to the zip archive which are larger than 4 GB. If this is the case, Cryptshare for Outlook will notify you and cancel the zip file creation.


Remove files

To remove a file from the Cryptshare Attachment Manager Sidebar, click the "x" symbol next to the file name.