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Version Windows 10 1809 (“October Update”) as well as all future Windows 10 versions are no longer compatible with the third party component that our add-in “Cryptshare for Outlook”, up to and including version 2.4.0, is based on. Starting in October 2018, Microsoft has gradually been distributing version Windows 10 1809 to all Windows 10 systems.

As a result, add-in versions up to and including version 2.4.0 can no longer be used with MS Windows 10 Version 1809 or later. An error occurs when sending data. Compatibility with MS Windows 10 1809 or later, however, can be re-established with an update to Cryptshare for Outlook v2.4.1.

Therefore, please ensure to update all Windows 10 client systems on which you have installed Cryptshare for Outlook to add-in version 2.4.1, before you distribute Windows 10 Version 1809 to the respective clients.

The functional scope of version 2.4.1 of our Outlook integration is identical to the one of version 2.4.0, it merely includes a compatible version of the third party component.