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If an outgoing message contains file attachments, Cryptshare for Outlook offers you the ability to retain the files as attachments to the message kept in the folder "Sent Items". However, files sent via Cryptshare may be very large and could exceed size limits on the mail server side when your "Sent Items" folder is synchronized with the server. Therefore, size warning threshold for files kept in "Sent items" can be defined. If the total size of the files exceeds this warning threshold, you are asked whether you want to save the files as attachments to the message in "Sent Items" or not. If the question is answered with "No", only the file names are kept in the message in "Sent Items".

Valid values
- Set this value to any size between 0 MB and 10240 MB (=10 GB).
- If you set the value to 0, a warning will always be displayed when a sent file should be saved.
Disable Warning
To deactivate the warning, set the warning threshold identical to the limit for keeping file attachments in "Sent Items".