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Obtaining a Cryptshare for OWA Release

You can get the latest version of Cryptshare for OWA in the Cryptshare Customer section on the customer portal or partner portal.


Installation of the OWA Add-In is basically done in 3 steps:

  • Installation of the add-in on the Cryptshare Server
Please also note in this context the information about SSL & HTTPS Access
  • Installation of necessary language packages on the Cryptshare Server
  • Deploying the add-in for users via Microsoft Exchange Online

Installing the add-in on the Cryptshare Server

Open the administration interface of the Cryptshare Server and go to Add-on Products → Cryptshare for OWA. The first tab in this section shows general information about the installed add-in and offers the possibility to upload an OWA package.

1. Click on 'Browse...' and select the zip file previously downloaded

72319893.png 72319892.png

2. Click on 'Provide Add-In' to start the upload process


3. After the add-in has been installed successfully, the version label shows the version number of the installed add-in


4. Copy the Manifest URL into the local clipboard by selecting it with the mouse and pressing CTRL+C


Proceed with the deployment of the add-in that you have installed on the Cryptshare Server:

Installation of necessary language packages

Please refer to 'Installing Language Packages' for instructions on how to install a language package on the Cryptshare Server. You can get the latest language package for the add-in under 'Language Packages'