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Customizing the User Interface

The design of the user interface can be customized directly in the administration interface. Please proceed as follows:

  • Open the Administration Interface of your Cryptshare Server
    • `http://<Cryptshare URL>:9090` or `https://<Cryptshare URL>:8080`
    • Login using the '`Administrator`' account
      • Default username: '`Administrator`'
      • Default password: '`cryptshare`'
  • Select the tab 'Customization' - 'Web Application Designer'

For more information about the Web Application Designer, see the corresponding section of the manual.

Examples for User Interface Design changes of Customers

With changing the above generated ui.zip you can cahnge the look of the Web Interface completely. Some examples what customers already did:

How you can display the name of your Cryptshare Server in the title is explained in our Knowledge Base: Cryptshare Knowledgebase - How to change the application title for the browser