CKB:The requested public SSL certificate cannot be imported

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Applies to

All versions of Cryptshare Server


The requested SSL certificate cannot be imported into the keystore with the following error:

  • English: Could not establish trust for the CA Reply.
  • German: Vertrauenskette für die CA Antwort konnte nicht erstellt werden.



The information in the SSL certificate from the CA doesn't match the information in the sent CSR.


Export the private key from the keystore used for the creation of the CSR file and import it together with the requested SSL certificate into a new keystore.

1. open the existing keystore used for the generating of the CSR file

2. klick with the right mouse button on the entry in the keystore

3. open the menu entry 'Export --> Export Private Key'


4. save the private key in OpenSSL format to your local machine

9207985.png 9207986.png

5. create new Java-Keystore of type JKS

9207974.png 9207973.png

6. import the available SSL certificate


7. select the certificate format, e.g. pkcs12 (.pfx) or OpenSSL (.crt, .cer, .pem)

9207989.png 9207991.png 9207992.png

8. import and check the certificate chain

9207970.png 9207969.png 9207968.png

9. save the keystore


10. use the default password 'CA0AZhuFM4NogQh', to save the Keystore


11. install the created keystore on the Cryptshare server Setting up an SSL Certificate