CKB:Restart the Cryptshare service during update process

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Applies To

All versions of the Cryptshare Server


During the Cryptshare update it is unclear whether the update process is still running.


This can happen if the database is large and the update process makes changes to the database after starting an update of the Cryptshare Server (see Updating Cryptshare).


  • Log in as root on the Cryptshare Appliance
  • Check the output of the log using the following command:
tail -f /opt/cryptshare-3/log/cryptshare.log
  • Additionally, you can check if the database file is still being worked on by looking at the contents and file sizes of the 'db' directory in the cryptshare installation directory.
watch du -sh /opt/cryptshare-3/db/*

If there are temporary files listed, or the database size changes from time to time, the update of the database is still ongoing.

If the update process is still running, please be patient and do not interrupt it, as doing so may cause corruption.

Only stop the Cryptshare Server if you are certain that something went wrong, or the update runs for much longer than normal (e.g. running for more than 10 minutes). In this case, please restore the backup from before the update was installed, as the Cryptshare Server may be in an inconsistent state.