CKB:Checking process on operating system upgrade

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Applies to:

All Cryptshare Appliances


As long the operating system is upgraded, all web based interfaces aren't reachable.



For observing the upgrade procedure you can open an SSH connection and check one of the following logs:

1. zypper.log (detailed)

 →  shows all operating system related update information in real time


tail -F /var/log/zypper.log

2. cryptshare_launcher.log (summary)

→ collects and displays Cryptshare related distribution upgrade information


 tail -F /opt/cryptshare-3/log/cryptshare_launcher.log
How to read a file with live reloading
To open a file and get its contents in an automatically updated version, use the command tail -F <file> in Linux.
Further information and options for the command tail can be found here: Manual Page of tail command.