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Cryptshare Server from


After updating the Cryptshare Server to v3.10.1.0 existing Robot scripts fail to send a transfer. Instead, an error message is shown, reporting insufficient password compliance.

Transferring file(s):
Error: The Cryptshare Robot API reported an error: Server reported: Invalid parameter: The given password does not fulfill the password security settings.
Please check the Robot log file for more details.


Cryptshare Server v3.10.1.0 introduces a server-side password validation in order to avoid the possibility to send transfers without fulfilling the password security requirements. Transfers using a password which does not comply with the password security settings will therefore be declined


Use a password which does comply with the Security Settings or change the Security Settings

The recommended solution for this issue is to fulfill the password security requirements that have been set on server-side. If you are not sure which settings have been made you can go to the Administration Interface and check the current settings.