CKB:Appliance is not available after upgrading to openSUSE 13.2

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Cryptshare Appliance with openSUSE 13.2


After updating the Operating System of the Cryptshare Appliance from openSUSE 13.1 to 13.2 the Server cannot be reached via the network any longer.


The appropriate network route is not properly setup.


Step 1. Write down IP addresses

1. login as 'root' on the appliance

2. run the command 'yast network'

3. select F10 Launch

4. select F4 Edit

5. write down the IP and Subnet Mask 7667733.png

6. select F9 Cancel

7. select 'Routing' using the tab key and write down the default IPv4 Gateway address 7667734.png

Step 2. Configure dynamic IP address

1. go to the tab Overview again

2. select F4 Edit

3. go to Dynamic Address and select it using blank space key 7667735.png

4. select F10 Next

5. save the configuration by selecting F10 OK

Step 3. Configure the static IP address

1. run the command 'yast network' again

2. select F10 Launch

3. select F4 Edit

4. select Statically Assigned IP Address

5. type the IP address and the Subnet Mask wrote down in step 1 7667736.png

6. select F10 Next

7. go to the tab Routing and enter the default IPv4 Gateway address wrote down in step 1 7667737.png

8. save the configuration by selecting F10 OK

Step 4. Check the settings

  1. run the command 'route'
  2. the corresponding route will be shown and the appliance is available again