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Applies to:

Cryptshare Server from version 4.2.x


This is an example of the possibilities for updating Cryptshare manually.

Note that manual updates should only be done if a regular update is not possible!
Please make sure you have a working backup of before proceeding.


1. contact our support and tell us which Cryptshare version is currently installed


2. the support team will provide you with the corresponding update package


  • download the update package and unpack it into <Cryptshare installation folder>/tmp/update
Cryptshare appliance
On a Cryptshare appliance you can unzip the update package into the required folder using the following command
unzip -d /opt/cryptshare-3/tmp/update
  • Create a file <Cryptshare installation folder>/tmp/ with the following content:

4. create a backup of the current version 37389212.png

5. stop the Cryptshare service

rccryptshare stop

6. open the shell

7. change into the <Cryptshare installation> folder

cd /opt/cryptshare-3

8. change the permissions for java file (for the Linux systems only)


chmod 755 tmp/update/jre/linux/bin/java

9. run the following command in order to install the update


tmp/update/jre/linux/bin/java -jar tmp/update/updater.jar

tmp\update\jre\windows\bin\java.exe -jar tmp\update\updater.jar

10. start the Cryptshare service again

rccryptshare start