CKB:Cryptshare service is not starting on Linux server

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Cryptshare Server version to


The Cryptshare Service doesn't start after updating Cryptshare Server from version to 4.1.x.x .


The upgrade process cannot adjust the custom configuration during the update process.


Additionally install the latest Cryptshare version and copy system files from the existing installation to the new installation directory.

1. stop Cryptshare server

systemctl stop cryptshare

2. rename the existing installation (e.g. cryptshare_old) to cryptshare_bak and move it to folder /opt

mv cryptshare_old /opt/cryptshare_bak

3. install the latest Cryptshare version

Installing Cryptshare on Linux Server

4. stop the Cryptshare service

systemctl stop cryptshare

5. copy data from /opt/cryptshare_bak folder into the new installation directory

cp /opt/cryptshare_bak/cs_license.txt /opt/cryptshare/
cp /opt/cryptshare_bak/lib/security/keystore /opt/cryptshare/lib/security/keystore
cp -r /opt/cryptshare_bak/resources/ui /opt/cryptshare/resources/
cp -r /opt/cryptshare_bak/orientDB/databases/cryptshare /opt/cryptshare/orientDB/databases/

6. start the Cryptshare service

systemctl start cryptshare

7. open Cryptshare Administration Interface in your web browser and perform the post update process