CKB:Configuring Cryptshare to generate passwords containing only digits

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Applies to:

Cryptshare Server version 3.12 and higher


  • The purpose of this article is to configure the Cryptshare Server to only generate passwords containing digits. This may, for example, be desired if you want to facilitate the exchange of one-time passwords over the phone with sub-optimal voice quality.
Please be aware that digit-only passwords are substantially less secure than alphanumeric passwords of the same length. If you want to avoid the effort of exchanging difficult passwords while enjoying a high level of security, we recommend you to use QUICK Technology.


Please follow these steps to apply the password configuration:

1. Log in to the Administration Interface of your Cryptshare Server

2. Navigate to System-Settings > Password Policy

3. Within the section "SECURITY REQUIREMENTS FOR PASSWORDS", paste the following set of Invalid Characters


4. Optional: If you want to allow all set of characters for manually entered passwords, make sure to enable the checkbox Invalid only for automatically generated passwords

5. Click on Save changes The Cryptshare Server should now generate passwords containing only digits.