CKB:Terms of Use are not displayed to the user despite modifying them on the Cryptshare Server

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Applies to:

Cryptshare for Outlook 2.7.0


In the Cryptshare Administration Interface, you have modified the text of your Terms of Use and expect that all users must reaccept them. However, users of Cryptshare for Outlook are not prompted to accept the new Terms of Use.


This issue is caused by how the Terms of Use acceptance status was handled in versions prior to 2.7.0.

Solution / Workaround:

In order to resolve the issue on the target computer, simply close Outlook and remove the file `%appdata%\befine Solutions AG\Cryptshare for Outlook V2\CS4OutlookAdminConfig.xml`. This will cause Cryptshare for Outlook to retrieve the Cryptshare Server settings again, including the option that the Terms of Use must be accepted.