CKB:Configuring Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

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Applies to:

All versions of Cryptshare Virtual Appliance


This is an example on configuring LVM on Cryptshare Appliances


1. log in as root on your appliance

2. run the command yast

3. navigate to System → Partitioner and press Enter 74384686.png

4. press Enter to agree the Warning 74384688.png

5. navigate to virtual disk which will be used for LVM


6. add new partition as Raw Volume (unformatted) 74384695.png74384696.png

7. do not format device and select Linux LVM as Partition ID 74384698.png

8. repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 for all disks which will be used for LVM

9. navigate to Volume Management and create new Volume Group

74384699.png 10. enter the volume name, select and add previously configured disks


11. create new Logical Volume on the volume group


12. format the volume e.g. as EXT4 and add a mount point you prefer, e.g. /var/opt/data


13. new volume will be mounted now


14. create needed folders on the new volume, e.g. uploads, backup and tmp and apply needed permissions


cryptshare:~ # mkdir /var/opt/data/uploads
cryptshare:~ # mkdir /var/opt/data/backup
cryptshare:~ # mkdir /var/opt/data/tmp
cryptshare:~ # chown -R csuser:csgroup /var/opt/data

15. configure corresponding entries on Cryptshare Administration Interface


for configuring temp folder visit this page