CKB:Custom language pack not applied to the UI

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Applies to:

Up to Cryptshare for Outlook version 2.9.0


If a custom language pack is available on the Cryptshare server, it will be downloaded by the Add-In. However, since the language was already determined earlier when the add-in was started the first time, for example using English as "fallback" this setting was persisted in the CS4OutlookUserConfig.xml. Therefore the new custom language package is not taken into account and the old language (english) remains set. Similarly, when the add-in is started for the first time, since the download happens asynchronously, it cannot yet be accessed when the language is first determined.


To load the custom language package, its language must be determined after it was downloaded. This can be triggered by closing Outlook and removing the UILanguage tag from the CS4OutlookConfig.xml, or by entering the corresponding language manually.